Night Market

Wimyn are natural born creatresses.  Inspiration flowing through strong hands to make beautiful, useful, inspired goods, wimyn bring an individual flair to everything we create!

We love to honour the makers in our community and provide an opportunity to enjoy perusing and purchasing a variety of crafted goods at the Womyn’s Summit Night Market.

This year we’re excited to feature the work of:


Anastasia Akasha Kaur

With over 25 years experience using essential oils, I’m not quite sure why it took me so long to discover Young Living Essential Oils, but better late than never I guess!
I am excited to be bringing my collection of Young Living therapeutic-grade essential oils to Summit for you to indulge, spritz, transform, and play with. I will be available in the Night Market to discuss and address all of your aromatherapeutic concerns, dreams, questions, and needs. I will also have a few Premium Starter Kits available for purchase so you can get started on the path to a vibrant, flora and fauna infused lifestyle.




Shanon Sheppard

Magikmala creates wearable spiritual energy…Jewelry infused with spiritual intention for healing, self empowerment and love. Our sacred pieces represent feelings, dreams and ambitions in life that can be integrated into the story of every person that wear our jewelry. There is an energy exchange between the wearer and the sacred piece, as the energy infused by Magikmala along with the gemstones and crystals used, give each piece a new meaning and life, that is then intertwined with the soul that wears it. Each Magikmala piece is unique, one of a kind pieces that will never be re-created. A one-of-a-kind piece for a one-of-a-kind person.




Alison Capstick

Hi! My name is Alison and I am the owner of EL Mala. I was searching for a mala to compliment my meditation practice. I could not find one that resonated with me so I decided to dive in and make my own. I fell in love with the entire process, from choosing the intention behind each bead, telling a story through the design and the creative flow of the layout. I use the traditional method of tying a knot between each bead. I make each one of a kind, custom mala with specific healing stones to provide the wearer with an abundance of positive vibes and energy. Whether you are looking to bring forth love, courage, clarity, or insight, malas are a powerful tool used as a personal prescription for your soul’s voice.You can typically find me being inspired by the ocean in beautiful Prospect, NS where I reside with my family.




Meg Lajoie

Wife, Mother and Artist. Meg Lajoie , Earth Punk Mama, captures the divine feminine form in all of her grace, power and beauty. With a selection of artwork, medicine bags and goddess dolls.



Chantal Richard-Mercier

I am a free spirited daydreamer, an introvert, a feminist, a lover of strong coffee, and I delight in the powerful teachings of motherhood, birth, art, solitude, nature, yoga, intuitive dance and adventure. I lead with my intuition and I believe that true beauty lies in love, connection and honesty.
I discovered my love for creating art through photography soon after my son was born in 2012. I left my career as an underwriter to stay home with my sweet baby, and photography began as a way to carve out time for myself, while documenting my son’s childhood and my life as a new mother. My photography is cathartic and now a huge part of my life and in the midst of motherhood, family and home education, I manage to nurture a tiny business while still remaining true to my heart and to the reasons why I began.I define success for myself and for my life as living and expressing my truth, in all extensions of my being. Providing for my family in unique and intentional ways while maintaining focus on my and our dreams. Being able to provide a service to my dear clients, who find and trust me, in a meaningful and loving way.




Abi Totty

Available throughout the summit as I feel drawn to offer them… Hair Wraps, with antique tribal beads, talismans feathers, cottons, hand spun yarns woven with magic into your gorgeous locks. They can last a year or several weeks. They do not damage your hair and are fairly easy to take out! I will be honoured to adorn & weave some magic with you. The price varies depending on the length of your hair and adornments chosen.Abi will have a signup board outside her Bell tent to arrange your time.




Josée Cloutier

Relax, Re-Connect and Re-Energize with the elements of nature in a restorative social setting with steamy rituals of heating, cooling and resting cycles- a total mind body reset and cleanse! Steam Space is enjoyed as a unique and healthful way to re-connect with oneself and with others by celebrating birthdays, anniversaries, bachelorettes, the moon, the seasons and for no special reason. Get whisked and immerse into a forest bath inside a steam sauna tent! Soak in the woodsy aromas, the soothing sounds of infused steam, and rest in the blissful buzz- naturally.



Raina McDonald

We are Raina + Ruben. We met as deckhands on a tall ship bound for Antarctica, returned to Canadian soil after our high sea adventure and began weaving together a life and family in the backwoods of Nova Scotia. We are deeply enlivened by our two wild and free daughters as we flow between parenting, homesteading and creating in our Brookland studio and forge. Our heirloom pieces embody a contemporary yet ancient pulse while inviting you to marvel in the now. Our intention through R+R Handmade is to passionately contribute to a new economy, one that celebrates creative expression, hand skills, quality and regeneration of the earth. Invite a raw, real handmade vibration into your conscious everyday living!



Jodie Golan

Residing in Moncton NB with her partner Jamie, newborn son Leif and two doberman pinschers, Jodie; a Virgo is spending her time on maternity- leave bonding with her new Gemini family. Working on a casual basis as a Registered Nurse and Yoga Teacher at Bodywise Yoga studio, she also finds time for leather- crafting, bellydancing and being creative with her body, hands and mind. Jodie has attended the Summit for the past two years as a Restorative Yoga teacher, and this time as an attendee and vendor. Her interest in woman’s health began approx. 6 years ago when she became a Sexual Assault Nurse Examiner at The Moncton Hospital. She then went on do study Yoga, specializing in Restorative and Yin, teaching in studios and at festivals in NB. She began teaching Prenatal Yoga when she became pregnant for the first time and became very interested in natural birth and conscious parenting.

Jodie will be bringing some of her hand made, without the use of electricity, leather items to the Summit this year under the name Immortal Sol Leathercraft. You will find herb bags, tobacco pouches, wallets, hip bags, and leather feather- inspired earrings! The name for her work was inspired by her trip to southern Mexico last year where she began practicing sun- gazing every morning after meeting a “sun- gazer” and “breatharian”, and watched many sunsets at La Punta Cometa.Using mostly recycled leather when possible, Jodie also attempts to minimize her waste by creating with off- cuts and scraps.



Angela Zendran

My name is Angela Zendran. I’ve always had a passion for anything sparkly and pretty. I adore jewelry!! My jewelry is made with hand picked semi-precious stones. Each piece is handmade and depending on the specific stone set, carry various vibrations that can produce positive energies for the wearer. I look forward to sharing my love of jewelry with all of you.



Osha Mae

I am Wa mae, formulator, herbalist designer & Professional Aromatherapist of Osha Mae.I am Originally from Seabright Nova Scotia in St Margarets Bay. My interest and passion for Plant Medicine led me to discover and uncover the magic and mysteries of Herbalism & Aromatherapy.Nature is healing, ocean bathing is fortifying, forest bathing is grounding and cellular restoring. Nature inspires All of our products. Nature fills all of our products.I am simply listening to the messages nature shares to create & share its messages unto others. Practitioners of aromatherapy believe essential oils are absorbed through the skin where they can affect the whole body & promote our own body’s healing mechanisms.. Oshamae is a passion I enjoy every day of the year.! The finest Ethically sourced, quality ingredients base Osha Mae skincare products. Infused with Botanica , Love, energetic intention always a part of the Osha Mae Product process.