Steam Space On-Site Sauna

Thermic contrast bathing is a process where we typically move through three to four cycles of incremental heating from an outdoor wood fired steam sauna tent, followed by cooling down and resting. This increases circulation throughout the body, providing fresh oxygen to the organs while releasing accumulated toxins. The mind and emotions also benefit when we let go of busy schedules and screen time in a safe, nurturing, and friendly atmosphere.

Enjoy Steam Space on site at Womyn’s Summit this year!  You’ll have the opportunity to sign up for a one-hour steam session for just $15!

Check out more opportunities to Steam in Halifax here.


Steam Space is the heart-offering of Josée Cloutier:

Josée has a background in the health, wellness, education, environment, and entrepreneurship sectors. Her motivation and passion for health, community and environmental stewardship have led her to explore, learn and share by initiating collaborative projects and small ventures. 

During her Master’s studies in Wellness and Spa Service Design in Europe she researched on the significance of community and social well-being in retreat settings. She is certified as an energy and bodyworker in Chair Massage, Cupping, Whisking and Reiki. She feels very fortunate to have visited 18 countries to experience and learn about bathing culture in traditional spas, saunas and bathhouses, thanks to all the support received.

Since landing back in Nova Scotia in 2015, she’s consulted and guest lectured at the School of Architecture at Dalhousie University on the experience, and engaged school communities throughout the Province on energy efficiency and climate change. More recently she started Steam Space, a community based business guiding thermic bathing experiences and specialized body treatments as a way to be with the elements in a restorative social setting, that relaxes, re-energizes and re-connects the body and mind.