What to Bring

Five delicious, healthy, local, and organic meals will be provided.  Vegetarian and vegan options will be available.

Tea and filtered water will be on offer throughout the weekend.

***Please inform us of food restrictions prior to The Summit***


Please Bring:

* Your own plate, bowl, tea-mug, cutlery, water bottle, and napkins–these will not be provided!

*A blanket, meditation/sitting cushion, yoga mat (the floors of the yurts are a little scratchy)

* A tent, if you are camping for the weekend

*Sleeping setup (Blankets, sleeping bags, sleeping mat, pillows) if you are sleeping in the yurt

*Appropriate clothing for being outside at all times of the day

* Swimming gear

* A towel

*Snacks to meet your individual needs

*A journal and pen for taking notes in sessions and reflecting in quiet moments

* A musical instrument if you so desire!

*Altar pieces and sacred objects you wish to have close

*Adornments for yourself (glitter, glitz, all the fun you desire!)

*Solar charger for your cell phone ***note, there is NOT a charging station at Womyn’s Summit and the house is OFF LIMITS***