Past Workshops and Speakers

Below is a sample of some of the workshops offered at the fourth-annual Womyn’s Summit in 2017.

Womyn’s Voice || Womyn’s Power with Maryz Helene

She who speaks, who sings, who prays, who calls for vision; She who creates and manifests her dreams on this earthly plane is a woman of power. We all have a voice, unique to our own inner essence; a vibratory medicine that helps to shifts the frequency of ourselves and our surroundings. In these time of accelerated changes, the voices of the feminine are crucial. We need the whole spectrum, our voices as one, to create harmony, balance and a positive change within and around us. In this journey, we will raise our vibration through chanting together. We will honour our body temple with gentle yogic stretches. We will do vocal toning and harmonize ourselves with the five elements of Earth, Water, Fire, Air & Ether. We will explore the power of mantras and that of clear intentions.


Moving Through Fear: Give Birth to Your Highest Self with Kundalini Yoga with Anastasia Akasha Kaur
There are two universal forces at work in our lives: the force of Love and the force of Fear. Fear is a lower vibrational energy that is taking us away from our source. Love is a higher vibrational energy that is taking us toward our source – who we really are. In each and every moment, you get to choose. At this time we are being called to go deep within ourselves and discover our Spirit – our supreme intelligence that when activated uplifts us and the energy of the whole planet. Discover how Kundalini Yoga and Meditation can help you move through fear and give birth to your highest self.



Buddhi Booty Bounce: A Sacred Twerkshop Unleashing the Power of the Pelvis with Kerri Kresinski

Imagine a world where everyone feels safe to express.  Imagine a world where all bodies are liberated and empowered.  Unleash the power of the pelvis, merge the sacred with the profane, and throw your booty to the sky!  Relax and let gravity do the rest.  We will start by creating a safe container for exploration and expression, warming up and loosening the spine and pelvic regions, breath work, stretching, and moving consciously into twerking.  In addition to learning twerk technique, this workshop is also designed to be a safe place for people to explore, and possibly move through self-perceived limits, judgements and social conditioning.  Everyone is welcome- all genders, all shapes and sizes.  No experience necessary.  Please dress appropriately in comfortable clothing.


Dancing With the Moon, Reclaiming the Creativity of our Blood with Courtney Trowse
What if when the Moon drew our blood from our Wombs we allowed ourselves to bask in the beauty and sensuality of this cycle of death and rebirth? What if we embraced our shedding to emerge like the glistening scorpion, leaving behind what no longer fits our swelling radiance poised and ready to dance in the darkness of the unknown? Let us gather in a Circle of Womyn to remember what that would be like. To share our own rituals, experiences, and fears as we work to awaken the Goddess knowledge within.
Courtney will hold a safe and private space to create your own art from your Sacred Blood, on your own or in the company of others. It is my hope that we can allow our practices to evolve organically through shared knowledge so that each of us can leave with a ceremony we feel drawn to take back into our daily lives and a curiosity to continue the pursuit of this ancient knowledge.


Regeneration of Soul and Soil with Raina McDonald and Mandy Sandbach

A morning of  collaborative land-based art with Raina McDonald & Mandy Sandbach.

Plugging in to our unique, sacred essence while feeling the pulse of sisterhood.  Awakening with remembrance, embodying ancient wisdom that speaks through our cells and leads us into our intentional future.  Looking to the organic, unfolding nature of permaculture as a mirror for an open, thriving physical body and supportive community that is built on diversity.

We’ll begin with reminding ourselves that we are “experts” of our own lives and take that into intuitive permaculture design. Intuitive Permaculture will then be introduced and experienced in a hands-on, body and soul-led collaboration.  Birthing a creation that is site specific and regenerative, we will then flow out into our worlds with new perspectives to activate conscious engagement with our selves, each other and the Earth.


Deep Core Strength: Yoni Lifting with Christina DeHaas

In this workshop we look into current marketing strategies that aim to ‘normalize’ urinary leaking and the use of adult diapers and what we can do to prevent such unhealthy promotions and boost our body confidence. Participants will be introduced to CoreGlow, a new, revolutionary, scientifically proven technique highly recommended by pelvic floor physiotherapists for core rehabilitation and optimum pelvic floor health for women (and men). This Hypopressive™ technique can rebuild the integrity of the pelvic floor after the downward force of giving birth as well as strengthening the abdomen, esp. after a c-section, lifting internal organs back to their healthy locations to prevent organ prolapse. I will encourage women to begin acquiring practical skills by exploring one or two beginner postures and introduce them to the effective low pressure breathing technique. Participating will help women feel why this is a tool to achieve results in a stimulating way that provides pleasure and well being. Gaining this internal strength also allows women to set better boundaries in life. What a gift for ourselves and daughters. Let’s not let society normalize adult diapers. Let’s celebrate our pelvic health.




On Homeopathy with Hung Yeh-Peisinger

This workshop aims to introduce you to the complex, powerful and mind boggling system of healing  – homeopathy, and will give practical advise on how to use homeopathic remedies in situations like FIRST AID, and common acute conditions such as flus, earaches, stomach upsets, teething, colic.



Below is a sample of some of the workshops offered at the third-annual Womyn’s Summit in 2016.
Transmuting Stress into Relaxation with Denise Carson
Stress is the silent killer, but what is it?  How does it feel in our body? and how can we recognize when we are stressed and choose to bring ourselves back into a state of peace & calm?  This talk will give you some tools to become aware of stress in your life, as well as give you practical tools to manage your stress in the moment.  You will learn a simply breathing technique that everyone in your family can easily learn and apply.  This technique can change the stress dynamic and reactions for your whole family
Introduction to Natural Family Planning: The Sympto-Thermal Method with Eli Leblanc
The Sympto-Thermal Method (STM), an effective, evidence-based, economical and ecological method of natural family planning. In this workshop, you will go through the basics of the feminine cycle and see how this precious knowledge can be used to avoid pregnancy, to increase you chances of conception or just to be more in phase with your body, using simple direct observations. The STM is a great way to empower yourself by taking charge of your fertility.
Full Bloom Under the Sun and Moon – Flower Essence Workshop with Savayda Jaron
We will walk among the flowers in the light of the thunder moon, which will lead into a group plant attunement, followed by the making of a lunar flower essence. We will gather again on Saturday to further prepare the essence for long-keeping and each participant will take away a bottle of this super charged lunar/solar flower essence. Flower essences are used to restore balance and harmony to our emotions, and to further us on the spiritual path by deepening self knowing.
The Art of Ceremony with Jennifer Ayer
For far too long we have been disconnected from our bodies, the natural world, and universal energy.  Whether you call it life-force, magic, chi, shakti, or love, women, from the beginning of time, have known how to access and work wit hit.  Midwives (with woman, witches (wise women), shamans (access the other world) or goddess archetypes (flowing energy through creation), have all been trained to communicate with this invisible energy.  It spins our planets and moves the tides.  It initiates the contracting of the womb, and shows us the path of re-membering. All you have to do is believe.  In this workshop I will share with you the seven habits, practices and rituals that I use to work with this energy in order to shape the outcomes of my life.  This will help you learn how to embody your spiritual energy on a daily basis, and to inspire the other women in your tribe.
Tara the Female Buddha with Pam Rubin
Who is Tara, the Female Buddha? How does an ordinary person become a compassionate Buddha – Tara, also known as the Swift Liberator Heroine, made this journey and we can too. Learn about Tara and the Buddhist practices associated with invoking her powers of wisdom, compassion and rescue.  How can we use these practices to overcome suffering in our lives and in the world? What does it mean to see with the eye of wisdom?  How can we manifest our true nature in our everyday life?
Empowering Your Warrior Soul Through Song and Drum with Courtney Trowse
If humanity is to thrive, the voices of womyn need to be heard. We are the wisdom keepers, the healers, the warriors who shall stand for those who can not speak, who can not fight, we are the Goddess incarnate. In this workshop we will lift our voices in song with our Sisters, drumming in rhythm with the sacred heartbeat of the Earth. Through our songs we will receive healing and be bathed in strength. Our voices will rise through us,unleashed, powerful, and formidable as we offer prayer, healing, possibility, and hope. Our songs shall awaken our Souls, ignite fires, and give us the confidence to be heard and embrace our roles as catalysts of change that the Earth needs us to become. Please bring along a drum or rattle if you have one. No singing experience necessary, just a desire to speak your truth.
Cacao Ceremony with Mara Panacci
Come and explore the mystical depths that lay resting in your heart centre, using ceremonial grade raw cacao from the Guatemalan highlands. Together we will use cacao as medicine, as ancient cultures throughout modern day Central and South American have been doing for centuries. Cacao can be a portal to the creative and sensual parts of ourselves, and can be used to release negative emotions and heal old wounds. We will drink, share stories, make art, find movement, dance and allow the medicine to reveal it’s messages. Please bring your own cup and journal.
Re-Childing: The Value of the Healing Spirit of Nature in the Life of a Child with Laura Martin
We hear about it more and more, how our children’s cultural landscape is plagued by inactivity, obesity, and over-consumption of tech time. Today’s children  are more aware about our global environmental threats than ever before, but their intimacy with our natural physical world is fading. This disconnect is painful to both parties. Join me as we discuss how the healing spirit of nature supports the incarnating child, and promotes wonder, reverence, and gratitude in our children. We will explore Rudolph Steiner (founder of Waldorf Education)’s philosophies of children’s lower senses and how time spent outdoors, free from the restriction and imposition of adult interference, can strengthen and heal them and our physical world.
Who Is the ‘Real Me’ In The Many Faces I Adorn That Are Shaping My Reality? with Joanne Rolfe
Inspiring women at all stages of life to strive towards living a life of authenticity, purpose and direction. By shedding the layers of what has been defining us, to be more in touch with our ‘Being’, brings us closer to our truth. Shifting our focus from our external reality, perceptions and expectations of others, to our inner being, we gain clarity on what is Our unique life journey, what we want to experience and how we want to FEEL. Honouring our needs as we maneuver through various stages of life can be challenging if we don’t have clearly defined values, beliefs and boundaries to guide us on our journey.
Empowering our Bodies & Minds with Bellydance with Barbara Aubie
This Bellydance workshop is suitable for everyone. Learn fundamentals and combine movement to create simple and pleasurable dances for yourself.
According to the Journal of Women & Aging (Jan. 31, 2014) women take up Bellydance for fitness, friendship and visibility. Bellydance can help with physical and psychological changes that occur by boosting feelings of overall health and the intergenerational relationships that develop by bonding thru dance often create a supportive atmosphere for those coping with common concerns. A particularly important aspect of belly dance is the opportunity to allow older women to maintain visibility. How Bellydance makes a woman feel, the self-confidence achieved through dancing in with others and in public, often spills over into other aspects of daily life.
#YesAllWomen: Coping with the Risks and Realities of Male Violence Against Women with Katie Burke 
“Each time a woman stands up for herself, without claiming it, she stands up for all women.” – Maya Angelou
The United Nations defines violence against women as: “Any act of gender-based violence that results in, or is likely to result in, physical, sexual or psychological harm or suffering to women, including threats of such acts, coercion or arbitrary deprivation of liberty, whether occurring in public or in private life.” In the climate of male violence being an undeniably urgent problem, idealized qualities of caring, compassion, empathy and forgiveness can put women at extreme risk and require close examining. In this talk, we’ll discuss women’s vulnerability at a societal and personal level, and look at real indicators of danger – including where they come from and how to interpret them. We will also share critical information including key contacts for law enforcement, women’s shelters, legal information and financial support, as well as what to expect in navigating these systems.
In the second part of this talk, we’ll explore radical self-care for surviving the psychological, social and physical impacts of stress, and the mammoth task of healing as individuals, families and communities. Whether you’ve experienced the intense stress of feeling unsafe in your home, or the general fear of being a woman in the world – let’s be stronger together.