What is the Summit?

Womyn’s Summit 2020  July 3-5th 2020 Caissie-Cape, NB

The tabs are under construction, updates coming soon!  Read below for latest info.

Call to speakers!

Request for Proposals by March 30th 2020, to natarsenault@gmail.com

1. A head shot (jpeg, higher the quality the better)
2. Title of your workshop
3. Tag line (20 word max.)
4. Workshop description (200 word max.)
5. Bio (200 word max.)
Womyn’s Summit 2020 is an excellent opportunity to birth your important message to the world. Any womyn is invited to submit her proposal. 
What you get in return for doing your 1hr workshop (45min lecture or demo with a 15 min Q&A):
Free weekend pass to Womyn’s Summit 2020 and vetting power for our bursary program (this year we are giving 5 bursaries away!). Special behind the scene access, options to lead part of  the opening or closing ceremony and first dibs on pre-conference stuff. Plus a “thank you dinner” for speakers. 


Womyn’s Summit 2020

You’re welcomed with warmth, and shown the basics: bathrooms, wash-up station, and the schedule of events. The weekend is packed with workshops, classes, talks and events: art, mothering, birthing, living, movement, community, creation, loving…  Maybe you’re here to learn, perhaps you’re here to escape, or to meditate in nature.  The itinerary is up to you.  Maybe you’re seeking the community that eludes you in your everyday life, or to grow the community that already nurtures your soul so well.  In any case, you’ve come to get what you need, to create connections with other women; to enjoy the gourmet meals included; to feel the grass between your toes and the sun on your skin, and to bask in the love that we have to offer each other.  Welcome to Womyn’s Summit.  We’re so glad you’re here.


Womyn’s Summit is an opportunity for womyn to come together to share our knowledge from the past and present, and to bring together a new vision for the future;  a future that embraces a sharing of our collective capacity for joy, healing, birthing, mothering, aging, and living holistically, in community with one another.


Join us in Caissie-Cape, New Brunswick, in a gorgeous yurt, as we live, love, play and learn together, for three magical days.